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Wick tube for safety lamps. It is good for all old model of safety lamps. There is whitworth screw (24 threads per inch). Wick tube have 7mm diameter and long is 34mm.
Price: 5€

Old original wick for safety lamps. The wick is 6mm diameter and 22cm long
Price: 2€

Universal miners hook for miners lamps
Price: 4€
Actually sold out

wicker slide
Wicker slide for safety lamps
Price: 2,5€

wick regulating know
Wick regulating knob for safety lamp with whitworth thread (24 threads per inch) suitable for old miner lamps made before WW2
Price: 4€

wick screw
Wick screw for safety lamps. Screw is long 8,2mm diameter on bottom is 3,5mm-3,7mm, on top have 3,8mm diameter. Suitable for old lamps where is Whitworth screw. Model was old original piece from Friemann Wolf. There is some tollerrance in size because it is handwork by old method. Then it isn't perfect machines work. 
Price: 4€